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Woman’s Achilles tendon severed at grocery store.

Having liability insurance to cover bodily injuries that may occur at your business is a necessity.

Our friends at Loose Brown Attorney’s shared this very applicable story with us:

We represented a 28-year old mother of three who was seriously injured at a Phoenix-area grocery store. Our client was standing by the freezer section of the store watching her young children get cookies at the bakery counter. A store employee entered through double doors, pushing a bakery cart approximately six feet high, and filled with bread. Apparently unable to see our client over the cart, the employee wheeled it into the back of our client. The cart cut our client’s left leg near the Achilles tendon. Our client was taken to a nearby hospital where the 3.5 cm laceration was stitched up. Due to continuing pain in her leg and foot, our client’s doctors recommended an MRI. The MRI showed that the Achilles tendon had been partially severed by the grocery cart. Our client’s claim was submitted to binding arbitration by agreement of the parties. The arbitrator awarded our client $225,000 for her damages.

Some business owners are tempted to get the “bare bones” when purchasing a business insurance policy, but it has been our experience that electing greater coverage is always advantageous for our clients when a liability case does arise.  Liability claims and cases are the ones that come out of nowhere, when you least expect them – It’s best to be prepared for those things you never want to happen.  As the old saying goes “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”

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