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AZ Insurance Team offers many types of life insurance including term life, whole life, & more.

life insurance arizona team

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How much life insurance do I really need?

Make sure to adequately insure your life.


+  Income

+  Final Expenses

+  Education


= Amount of life insurance you need

Loans -  Add up how much you have in debt.  This could be any of the following:  Mortgage, Credit Cards, Line of Credit, Student Loans, Tax Debt, Car Loans,

Income - On average, people will want to leave their loved ones anywhere from 5-10 years of their income while they are trying to readjust their lives and allowing them to take some time off work.  Multiply your annual salary times however many years income you'd like to provide for your loved ones.

Final Expenses - This portion would pay for your funeral and any medical bills that may have led up to your passing  On average, a funeral will cost about $10,000.  For medical expenses, this is a number you'll have to come up with on your own,  You never know what will lead up to your passing.  Your medical bills may be $0 or could be $100,000.  

Education - Here is where you would think about how much money you'd like to leave behind for either your children or spouse to educate themselves or further their education.  To obtain a bachelors degree from a university is about $80,000.  But you also want to think, if your child is young, how much will it be when they are ready to go to college.  

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