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Car Accident in a Parking Lot?-Here's What You Need to Know

In order to fully understand what you need to do in the event of an accident in a parking lot we must first establish if the other driver involved is still at the scene.

If the other driver involved is still at the scene then treat the situation like a regular accident by taking photos of their license, insurance provider, and damages done to both vehicles. You can try to file a police report, however, if the parking lot is considered private property the police may not arrive to take the report.

If the driver is not at the scene this could be considered a hit-and-run if you can prove who caused the accident. If you cannot prove who caused the accident there is a possibility that your collision coverage would cover the damages depending on your policy. If you do not have this type of coverage, you will have to pay for the damages out of your own pocket.

If the driver is not present there is a possibility that they left you a note. If the driver responsible did leave you a note it is recommended to take photos of the damage to your car and get in contact with the other drivers insurance provider.

What if I hit someone else's car in a parking lot? If you are responsible for damages to someone else's car it is important to stay at the scene so you can exchange information with them. If you leave the scene without exchanging information you could be considered for a hit-and-run, which is a crime. If you have to leave the area, put a note with your contact information along with your insurance information and a small explanation of what happened.

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