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Why is it important to call the police after an accident?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In many states it is the law to call the authorities immediately after an accident. There are many reasons of why this is required and essential especially when it comes to filing insurance claims and determining who is at fault.

Medical Care

In the case of a serious injury medical care would be the first thing that you need. Police are likely to arrive on the scene and they will be able to provide basic medical care if needed and call EMT's if necessary. Police are an important part of getting the medical treatment process started.

Protecting the Scene of the Accident

In the case of severe accidents, the police will block off the area around the crash. Police are able to block off the road, or at least some section of it ensuring the area is free of traffic while they conduct their investigation and other emergency personnel clear the area. This will create a safe environment for your and any other people on the scene to be able to talk to police.

Investigating the Cause of the Accident

After the accident, you're going to want trained professionals to evaluate the cause of what happened. This will me imperative when and if you file a claim with your insurance company or if you bring the other driver to court.

Police may gather witness reports, collect information on the parties involved in an accident, and test to see whether the other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you suspect that the other driver is under the influence, roadside tests can help confirm suspicion. This can be another major reason to call the police to the scene.

Police Report

The most important reason to get the police onto the scene of an accident is because they need to prepare a report. This document will be extremely important, especially if you plan on bringing the other driver to court. The police report will include an assessment of the cause of the accident and the damage done in the crash.

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*All policies are a little different and this may not be applicable to your insurance policy, talk to your agent to see what your policy covers.*

*This post was originally published in July, 2017 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness*


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