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What Type of Insurance Covers Catalytic Converters?

Within the past few years, the theft of catalytic converters has increased exponentially due to the simplicity of removing them from vehicles. This article will answer all the necessary questions you have about catalytic converters and if you're covered from this type of theft.

What does a catalytic converter do and why is it valuable?

A catalytic converter is the part of an automobile that converts the harmful emissions made by cars into much safer substances. The reason that people will steal this part more than most is because of what the catalytic converter is made out of. Almost all catalytic converters are made of valuable metals and are easily accessible from the underside of the vehicle making them easy targets for theft.

How do I know if my catalytic converter has been stolen?

If you suspect your catalytic converter has been stolen here are some obvious signs that it has:

  1. When you start the car it sounds much louder(this is due to the tampering with your muffler when removing the converter)

  2. Your car has trouble accelerating

  3. Your car starts producing an unappealing odor due to no filtration of gases

  4. You may also notice a hole in the bottom of your car near your muffler

What type of coverage protects me from theft?

In order to file a claim for theft you will need comprehensive coverage. If you do have comprehensive coverage your catalytic converter will most likely be covered by your policy minus your deductible.

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Disclaimer: Coverage will vary on state, insurance company, and type of policy.


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