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What to do before Bringing Home a New Pet

Congratulations on your new fur baby! There’s no doubt getting a new animal can help turn a house into a home. Before bringing your furry friend home, make sure to follow these steps to ensure the transition for your new animal goes smoothly.

Research your pet. Learn about the characteristics and personality traits associated with the breed of your new animal. This will help you learn how to better train them and better prepare yourself for bonding and caring for them.

Find a local veterinarian. This is important to find ahead of time in case of a pet emergency and so you can be prepared for routine checkups. Ask around your neighborhood and check the Animal Hospital Association to find a good veterinarian in your area.

Stock up on supplies. Make sure you are fully equipped with pet food, a leash, a harness, toys, a bed, an ID tag, and any grooming or cleaning tools needed.

Set up a routine. Discuss with the other family members in your household to determine when and who will feed and walk your pet along as take them to the vet and train them. This will provide stability for your new pet and make him/her happy sooner

Pet proof your Home. If your pet will not be allowed in certain rooms or areas of the house, set up dog barriers in the doorways. Make sure you have no open holes in your fence or gates that a puppy or cat could run out of. Hide all your electrical wires as well as dangerous things your pet could ingest.

Create House Rules. Decide what behaviors should be encouraged and discouraged. Be consistent in training your new pet. Each family member should be on the same page as far as what is acceptable and unacceptable for your pet.

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