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What is an insurance broker?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Many people are not aware of what it means to work with an insurance broker. Insurance brokers offer a service with many benefits. An insurance broker is someone who is not employed by an insurance company but they are licensed insurance agents. Their job is to advise clients on their insurance needs and search out the best policy on their behalf with the insurers.

Why get your insurance through a broker instead of going straight to the insurance company? 

Many people have the assumption that buying directly from the insurance company will save you time and money. It’s actually the exact opposite.  An insurance broker's job is to find the best policy at the best price by using a plethora of insurance companies that the broker works with. Instead of someone calling multiple insurance companies to try to find the best policy at the most affordable price they can use an insurance broker to do that for them.


You are probably thinking, "What additional cost or fees are associated with using an

insurance broker?" Believe it or not there are no fees or additional costs when getting your insurance policy through an insurance broker. The cost of the policies are exactly the same as they would be if you went to the insurance company directly. So that brings up the question of how do insurance brokers get paid? The insurance companies pay the insurance brokers commission for their service. 

One of the great benefits of using an Insurance Broker like AZ Insurance Team is that we take time to get to know our clients. Taking time to build a relationship is very important because it gives a client a much more confident experience when consulting with a broker. If a client has a question or concern it is important to us that they are not hesitant to call.

Insurance brokers also have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to searching out insurance policies and dealing with insurance companies. We know some of the "tricks of the trade" that minimize rate costs that many people are probably not aware of. Insurance brokers all have the same goal: Support their clients' interests. 

Using an insurance broker to find the right insurance policy for you is a great way to save you time, money, and the stress of trying to do it yourself at no cost to you. If you are in need of insurance coverage or are thinking about switching policies, please give us a call!

AZ Insurance Team 480-535-5709

*All policies are a little different and this may not be applicable to your insurance policy, talk to your agent to see what your policy covers.*


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