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Ways To Save On Your Auto Insurance

With the start of 2024, people all over the U.S are surprised to find that their car insurance rates are expected to go up by almost 12.6%. This price hike may come as a shock to most Americans, so here are the facts to determine if you are getting the best auto insurance quote:

  1. The average annual auto insurance price is $1,984

  2. If you bundle home and auto insurance, you have the possibility to decrease your overall price up to 18%

  3. A poor credit score can negatively affect your insurance price

  4. Your age and driving record can significantly affect your rates

  5. Your car make and model could be more expensive to insure than others

  6. If you are married, then getting jointly insured could save you more money

With these facts considered, it is important that you make sure that all of these factors come into play when deciding if you have a fair auto insurance rate.

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