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Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights Outdoors

Before you pull out the ladder and the decorations, make a game plan for your holiday decorating to ensure your home looks its best during this festive time of the year.

  1. Measure your home’s surfaces so that you’re not left short on lights and unable to reach the power source. Consider the surfaces of your home and determine the easiest places to hang lights. Along your roofline, around windows and doors, along bushes, and around trees are some of the most popular options for Christmas lights.

  1. Check to make sure your lights are not damaged or frayed. One bad stand can be a safety hazard and can end up blowing out your whole design. When using extension cords, make sure they are UL approved and specific for outdoor use.

  1. Use light clips to hang your Christmas lights rather than household items such as clothespins, paper binders, or staples. They stay on better and are built specifically for holding up lights. You can buy them at Lowes and Home Depot.

  1. Use LED lights. They are more cost effective in regards to energy and they don’t overheat.

  1. Before hanging up your lights, test to make sure they work. Even if they are new, they may have dead bulbs.

  1. Use a timer to make sure your lights are not staying on all day and wasting your money on energy costs. Some timers have light sensors to do the job for you as well.

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