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Top 4 Precautionary Tips to Weather the Monsoon Season

Updated: Jun 20

With monsoon season approaching, it is important for Arizona residents to prepare themselves for the unexpected. Here are 4 safety tips to help you get prepared for monsoon season:

  1. Secure your yard and outside items: It is important to make sure that all outside furniture is secured, trash cans brought inside, and outdoor amenities like pools or hot tubs are properly covered to avoid unnecessary damage.

  2. Prepare an emergency aid pack: It is important to have a pack with things like extra batteries, a flashlight, basic first aid supplies, and a radio in the event that you lose power during a monsoon.

  3. Do not try to drive through dust storms or monsoons unless necessary: As Arizona residents we get used to having sunny and clear weather for most of the year so when a monsoon goes through your town it is best to stay off the busy roads unless it is necessary.

  4. Get your roof checked for damages: It is smart to have your roof checked before monsoon season as roofing companies are in their busiest time during monsoon season. Think of this as a precautionary step to saving you money later down the road.

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