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Lake Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Spending the day at the lake with friends and family is a typical summer past-time. Wakeboarding, swimming, kayaking, relaxing. . . what could be better? Unfortunately, there are great risks you assume when you go out on the water. Here are some things to think about to prevent any accidents:

Check the weather forecast before you go. It's important to check for any excessive heat warnings, water advisories, or any chance of rain/thunderstorm. Weather conditions can change frequently, so make sure to stay alert and aware. Additionally, make sure to wear SPF when out on the lake- your skin will thank you!

Check your boat's Carbon Monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide poisoning can make you sick or even be fatal. Be aware of the symptoms of CO poisoning: headache, nausea, seizures, confusion, dizziness. If you or someone you are with is experiencing these symptoms, get fresh air and call a medical professional.

Always have enough life jackets on board. . .and use them! Simply having life jackets on your boat isn't effective when it comes to water safety. Ideally, when people are swimming in the water they should be wearing a life vest. This applies especially to children and those who aren't confident in their swimming abilities. Stay safe and wear the life jacket.

Supervise children at all times. In addition to making your children wear life jackets, they should never be left unattended or unsupervised near a body of water. Do not ask another adult to supervise your children, and if a child goes missing check the water first. Keep your children as safe as possible!

These tips are essential for keeping you and your lake-crew safe! Lather up the sunscreen, throw on some good music and enjoy yourself at the lake, safely.


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