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Keep Your Child Safe in Your Car

Car crashes are a leading cause of childhood deaths so the need to be aware of your child’s safety is even more important when they’re a passenger riding in the car.

According to BabyCenter, a child should continue to use a car or booster seat until they are at least 4 feet and 9 inches, usually 8-10 years old. You can have a car seat installed by a certified passenger safety technician in order to make sure it is secured and fastened properly.  If your child is under 13, the back seat of the car is still the safest place to ride as air bags can be fatal for young children due to the force of the impact. Most importantly, a seat belt should always be worn.

Dozens of children die every year due to being left in a hot car. 87% of these children are under the age of three, and 54% of these children were forgotten in the vehicle.

Even when the temperatures are relatively mild, exposure to sun can cause deadly circumstances. The risk of losing a child isn’t worth leaving them in the car. In order to help you remember your children, it may be helpful to leave something you always need with you in the back seat. Leaving a purse, a phone, or a wallet can help remind you to check the backseat.

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