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How to Clean your Gutters


Cleaning your gutters is one of the dirtiest, unpleasant forms of home maintenance but clogged gutters can lead to water damage, damage to your siding, and vermin.  It’s important to clean out your gutters twice a year, usually in the fall or spring, when your gutters catch the most debris.

While there are professional gutter cleaners, you may choose to complete the duty yourself, in which it is important to put your safety first. It is better to clean your gutters standing on a ladder, rather than from the roof. Only reach your arm as far as it is safe to, otherwise you risk toppling over or falling off the ladder. Always keep your waist between the ladder railings.

You will need gloves to protect your hands from anything sharp or stuck in the gutter, a trowel to help scoop up the debris, and either a bucket to collect the debris or a tarp to throw the debris onto to minimize the mess on your lawn.

Start at the downspout and move the ladder down as you go. Once you’ve gotten as much debris with your hands out as possible, use a garden hose to flush out any of the excess mess. Let the water run until it runs clearly out the spout with no clumps of debris left.

To get rid of the debris, only fill up each trash bag as much as it can handle before ripping the bag and only so heavy that you can still pick up the bag with ease.

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