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House Vacant for 60+ Days? Here's What to Expect from Your Insurance Policy

Here is a guide on what to expect from your insurance policy if you have a house vacant for over 60 days and what is covered vs what is not.

What is considered a vacant home? When an insurance agency defines a house as a vacant home they are looking at:

  1. The amount of furniture in the house

  2. If anyone has lived in the house in the last 60 days

  3. The utilities bill (is it average price or below)

If your house has no furniture and has not been lived in within that last 60 days it will most likely be considered a vacant house. In order to stay covered you must then get vacant home insurance.

Hypothetically, if you had a home or landlord insurance policy on a house that matched the conditions above, your insurance will not cover any damages done to the house. Even a second home insurance policy would not cover damages as the house would be considered vacant. It is very important to know if your house would be considered vacant in order to be fully protected.

The one exception: If your house is fully furnished it may be considered a second home, in this case second home insurance could cover damages done to the home.

Importance of vacancy insurance: If your house is considered vacant it is important to get vacancy insurance as all other types of homeowners insurance will not cover any damages.

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Disclaimer: Coverage will vary on state, insurance company, and type of policy.


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