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8 Ways To Save Money on Auto Insurance

Plain and simple, everyone likes saving money. Nearly every state in the U.S requires some form of auto insurance and no policy holder wants to pay a penny more than they have to. Thankfully, there are several different ways that will help you keep more money in your wallet, rather than paying more for your insurance.

1. Drive Safely:

Keeping a clean driving record for a certain number of years will help you qualify for safe driver discounts. On the other hand, multiple accidents or tickets will quickly drive up your premiums. Keeping your record as clean can save you hundreds of dollars over the years.

2. Consider driving a car that’s cheap to insure:

Next time you’re in the market for your next car, considering comparing car insurance rates for the options you’re considering. Factors such as the price of the vehicle, safety rating, repair costs, and likelihood of theft determine how much it will cost to insure.

3. Keep a high credit score:

Maintaining a good credit history will save you money in general, not just on your insurance policy. Keeping your credit balances low and making all your payments on time will save you money on your auto insurance as most insurers use your credit as a factor to determine how much you’ll be paying.

4. Reduce coverage on older vehicles:

Don’t pay more in insurance than your car is worth. Add up your comprehensive and collision premiums and multiply that number by 10. If your car is worth less than that amount, you shouldn’t have that coverage. Review your coverage when it comes time to renew your policy and be sure you’re not paying more than you need to.

5. Bundle:

Purchasing multiple insurance policies from the same company, such as getting homeowners and auto from the same company, can result in multi-policy discounts. This is the company’s way of rewarding you for being a loyal customer.

6. Take advantage of other discounts:

Aside from multi-policy discounts, ask your insurance company if you qualify for any other discounts, such as:

  • Driving a car with safety features: features such as anti-lock brakes can result in a discount

  • Low-mileage discount: driving less than the average motorist does per year can result in a discount.

  • Good student discount: High school and college students can get a discount for having good grades.

  • Group plans: Some insurance companies give discounts to drivers who get their insurance through group plans from their employers or other associations.

  • Working in certain fields (education, engineering, medicine)

7. Compare companies:

Prices vary greatly from company to company. A good rule of thumb is to receive quotes and information from three different sources/companies. Actively shopping around will save you money each year.

8. Increase your deductible:

Your deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance policy kicks in. Increasing your deductible will result in you paying more if you have an accident, but will result in you paying less for your collision and comprehensive insurance. It can save you hundreds in the long run if you don’t have an accident.

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