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What to Do if Your Package is Stolen: Insurance Insights

Updated: Jun 24

With the holidays right around the corner you are probably racking up those Amazon Prime purchases over the next few weeks. This time of year is a very happy and joyful time for many people, but there are also those individuals that make an effort to ruin the holiday spirit by stealing your gifts from the doorstep of your home. December has the highest rate of package thefts out of any month of the year. This is why it is important to be on top of your deliveries and ensure that your brand new iPhone 11 plus, does not get stolen from your front porch while you are busy working 40+ hours a week.

What to do if your package is stolen or missing

  • Track your package: First make sure that your package has not been delayed. It is very common during the holiday season for packages to be delayed. Be sure to check your shipping confirmation number to make sure your package is not still in transit.

  • Check with your neighbors: Sometimes packages can be delivered to the wrong address, or one of your neighbors may grab your package to help prevent theft.

  • Contact the seller or retailer: If you still cannot locate your package than you should file a claim with the seller or retailer and ask for a replacement.

  • File a claim with the shipping company: If the retailer will not cooperate than you may file a claim with the shipping company. FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL all have a claim filing system to help you track down a missing package.

  • Check your credit card for purchase protection: If you used a credit card to purchase your item then check with them to see if you have purchase protection. If you do, you can file a claim with your credit card company and they will issue you a refund.

  • File an insurance claim: If you have homeowners or renters insurance than it usually will cover mail theft. Filing a claim only makes sense when your stolen package is worth more than your deductible.

When does it make sense to file an insurance claim?

It only makes sense to file a claim with your insurance company if your stolen package has a higher value than your insurance deductible. For example, if you ordered a new MacBook Pro from Apple, and you don't receive it, than it makes sense for you to file a claim with your insurance company because the $2500 laptop is most likely more than the cost of your deductible. However, if your $20 fuzzy socks were not delivered, then it would not make sense to file a claim.

How to prevent package theft

  • Have your packages delivered to your work

  • Schedule deliveries for when you are home

  • Ask your neighbor to receive your packages for you

  • Require a signature upon delivery

  • Consider using a smart locker

  • Monitor your front porch with security cameras

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