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  • Aarthi Ram

The Importance of Getting Auto Insurance

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Ever wonder what happens if you don't get auto insurance? Charlotte Burr, owner of AZ Insurance Team, has all the answers to your questions!

It may seem frustrating to keep paying those car insurance bills that seemingly serve no purpose month after month. Surely, you've wondered the purpose of even having car insurance, and may have written it off as a scam.

However, it is vital to realize the importance of car insurance: it serves numerous purposes including ensuring financial protection. Car Insurance also has the ability to pay for any physical damages on your vehicle.

If you don't have car insurance, your DMV will start to send you hate mail demanding proof of insurance. They will make you get something called an SR22, which is essentially their way of babysitting you to get auto insurance and keep it as long as you have a car in your name. The SR22 is usually a requirement for three years and is significantly more expensive.

If you still don't get Car Insurance following this, you are putting yourself in serious risk. If you get pulled over without any proof of insurance, the registration on your car can be suspended. A majority of the time, your license will also be suspended.

It's better to pay an affordable premium for auto insurance every month. Here at AZ Insurance Team, we will shop around to keep insurance premiums at an affordable rate so that you keep your auto insurance. Give us a call at 40-535-5709.

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