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How will my Homeowner's Insurance Cover my College Student?

It’s the start of a new school year. Although this academic year may operate differently, college students will still be fleeing the nest and living in their university’s dorms. You may be wondering, “Will my homeowner’s coverage extend to my college student?”

Yes, it will! Fortunately, homeowners insurance companies provide complete financial protection for your college student while they are living in their dorm. However, your homeowner’s insurance policy will only be applicable if your student is under the age of 26. Beyond that, your college student would need to purchase their own renter’s coverage.

Listed below are the different types of coverage that are included in your homeowner’s insurance:

Personal Liability: Say your student damages school property, while unsettling, your personal liability insurance will help cover those damages. Additionally, it has the ability to pay for their legal defense in case of a lawsuit.

Personal Property Coverage: In the event of any property damage in your child’s dorm room, your personal property coverage will protect your belongings. If there is any vandalism or damage to your child’s property, you will be covered!

Medical Payments to others: In addition to Personal Liability Coverage, your homeowner’s insurance will cover any medical expenses if someone gets injured in your child’s dorm room. If the third-party were to sue, don’t will still be covered!

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