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What will my Homeowner's Insurance Cover for my Student?

You're child's long-awaited college years have finally arrived. They've decided to live in the college dormitory for their first year, and you may be wondering whether or not your homeowner's coverage will extend to your student.

Well, good news! Fortunately, homeowners insurance companies actually provide complete financial protection for your college student while they're away at college. However, there is a catch: your homeowner's insurance policy will only be applicable if your child is under the age of 26. Beyond that, they would need to purchase their own renters policy.

There are numerous different areas that your homeowners insurance will cover, such as the following:

1. Personal Liability: Say your students damages school property, personal liability insurance will help you cover any of those damages. Amazingly, it also has the ability to pay for their legal defense in the case of a lawsuit. The personal liability insurance also has the ability to cover the costs if a third-party individual gets injured in your child's dorm room. If they were to sue, don't worry, because you will be covered.

2. Personal Property Coverage: If there was any sort of fire, vandalism, or even fire, to occur in your child's dorm room, your personal property insurance coverage will step in to cover your belongings. This policy will assure the replacements of any furniture, electronics, or even clothing that is damaged or stolen.

3. Medical Payments to others: Say a guest faces an injury in your child's dorm room. You can count on your homeowners coverage to cover any medical bills or hospital expenses which were incurred in the process.

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