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How to Protect Your Identity When Making Online Transactions

As we grow more and more accustomed to the digital way of living, we often find ourselves browsing the internet and shopping for items from electronics to clothing. In the process of finding the best deals, scouring for coupon codes, and spotting the perfect item for your long-awaited vacation, we often get so caught up in the front-end of things, forgetting to protect our identity along the way.

Most people hardly realize how accessible our identity is: with the fact that we enter our credit card number, expiration date, and CVV without hesitation, we are practically handing over our identity to the internet.

There are a few basic rules concerning identity theft, which we would urge you to follow.

Make sure the website you are on is SECURED. It’s almost too easy to check this. In the search browser itself, to the left of your website URL, you should see a little lock button.

Make sure you are using a reputable website. You can double check the credibility of a site by making sure the URL looks reasonably legitimate. If it contains lines and lines of random symbols and letters you don’t understand, it’s probably not a safe website. Also, make sure that the site you are accessing came from a reputable search engine. Usually, Google will do the dirty work for you by weeding out the unreliable website, but not always.

Don’t ever allow the website to save your card information. Websites will often give you this choice: always opt for “no.”

Try using more reliable means of payment. For example, using a third-party to handle your online transactions may end up working out in your favor. Each of these third-party sources has an embedded layer of security. Apple Pay or PayPal are your most reliable means of making an online payment. If you don’t have this aforementioned option, we would also recommend using your credit card over your debit card. Again, this will offer you another layer of protection.

Be sure to check your banking statements every month. This will allow you to check for any suspicious transactions and take action if necessary.

If you were to suspect any sort of illegal activity on your account, be sure to contact AZ Insurance Team for more help. We will show you that your homeowner’s and renter’s insurance will actually offer an abundance of protection if your identity is stolen and help you take appropriate measures to resolve your issue. Most of the time, we’ll suggest an insurance policy for you, which includes court fees, notary fees, and sometimes, even an identity theft counselor. A lot of these identity theft insurance plans will differ based on where you live in the United States. Be sure to reach out to AZ Insurance Team at 480-535-5709!

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