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  • Aarthi Ram

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Insurance: Protecting Your Precious Items

Updated: Jun 14

Did you finally purchased those diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing for years? Before you do, make sure you have enough insurance to cover the full cost of your new accessory.

Numerous people lose their jewelry through a burglary or even a fire and seek a full payment from their insurer covering the cost of their lost items. However, what most find out too late is the fact that your homeowner's insurance has a limit. Say your Cartier ring was $10,000, but your limit was capped at only half that value. You just lost $5,000…

Like most people, you probably don’t want to end up losing such a hefty amount of money. Let AZ Insurance Team in Tempe help you get on the correct insurance plan for your valuables. We can do all the work for you!

Recently, during a 5k run in Tempe, one of our customers lost her $38,000 wedding ring. Now, we've all heard the story of the wedding ring falling down the drain or the mysterious disappearance of valuable jewelry. A few days following this incident, the young runner received a check of $38,000 from her insurer. We had helped her schedule her valuable items, hence, she lost ZERO money.

Use AZ Insurance Team, and we will be sure to address all the necessary questions, altering the type of coverage you have as well as how much coverage you need. We may even get you an appraisal or increase you deductible. Leave all the work up to us, and we’ll help you save over $5,000 at no cost. Simply give us a call at 480-535-5709 and we’ll work up a free quote for you.

Disclaimer: Coverage will vary on state, insurance company, and type of policy.

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