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  • Aarthi Ram

Top 5 Cities in the United States to visit this summer

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

1. Portland

As one of the cheapest cities to visit, Portland offers a surplus of cultural attractions and beautiful sights without the pressure of creating the unwanted dent in your pocket. This City of Roses is known for its diverse street food, ethnic artwork, unbeatable trails, and most importantly, its freshly-baked Voodoo donuts!

2. New York City

The Big Apple is notoriously known for its unbeatable city splendor with an utter small town charm. Capitalize on this warmth while it lasts (because it won’t for long) and explore the vibrancy and diversity of this city which embodies the very basis of the American Dream. Cherish the unique art pieces at MOMA and go for a run in Central Park; maybe you’ll even bump into a celebrity or two while you’re at it!

3. Honolulu

This urban city with beautiful beaches has been on your bucket list for years. Plan a trip to Hawaii with your family this summer where you will hike up Diamond Head, sunbathe on the sands of Hanauma Bay, and snorkel with the most beautiful and colorful fish you will ever see.

4. San Diego

Ahh, San Diego… this warm and beautiful city is an absolute must to visit this summer. With 70 miles of a charming coastline, San Diego allows you to soak up the sun at La Jolla and catch the sunset at Coronado, all while indulging on the most delightful, authentic Mexican food.

5. Seattle

The gloomy reputation concerning Seattle’s scarcity of sun gets delightfully tarnished during the summer time. This easygoing, yet hustling city is overflowing with diversity, technology, and most importantly, coffee. Check out Emerald city this summer and you won’t be disappointed!

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