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Tips for Waterproofing your Belongings

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Whether you’re worried about your home flooding, rain leaking in, or a leaky appliance, waterproofing your belongings may save you from worry now and regret later.

Consider purchasing waterproof containers to hold your valuable belongings and important documents especially if they’d be hard to replace in the event of water damage. Paperwork such as birth certificates, social security cards, wills and passports would be a good idea to keep in water safe boxes. With this in mind, only store dry items as anything wet or filled with liquid may leak or cause mildew. Placing a desiccator in each container can help preserve moisture sensitive items as well.

Purchase water alarms to detect when and where there is water. Place the small device on the floor near water heaters, pumps, or washer machines and the alarm will sound off if water leaks on to the floor. Keeping a water alarm in the basement will be especially helpful in the case of floods and leaks.

Don’t store containers directly on the floor, particularly on the porous, concrete. Placing boxes on pallets rather than the floor will keep the air flowing and will prevent water from sliding across the floor and damaging the box. Cardboard boxes are exceptionally at risk for water damage.

Use a dehumidifier to pull any moisture out of the air. These may be well worth the investment if you live in a humid area.

For extra back up, make electronic copies of your documents so that they are also stored on your computer, the cloud, or a flash drive. Water damage can hit when you least expect it. Take the necessary precautions now to avoid irreparable losses.

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