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How to Pack Your Emergency Go Bag

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

This year, over 48,000 wildfires have burned across the Western states including Arizona. Due to Arizona’s dreaded Monsoon season, Arizona natives are not only at risk for fires, but also flash floods. In a time of such disaster, are you prepared to evacuate your home in an emergency?

One of the most useful things to prepare for your family’s safety is to pack an emergency go bag ahead of time in the case of a catastrophe that may threaten your home. Your bag should include a flash drive that contains scans of important documents such as proof of insurance, driver’s license, medical records, your will and trust, social security cards, and birth certificates. It is also a good idea to save such documents over the cloud for back up protection.

Create a list that includes necessary action you need to take before you sprint out the door. Make sure to include steps such as turning off your utilities, gathering your medication, grabbing all the valuable items you can’t live without such as family heirlooms or paintings, and locking up your house. Keep the list in clear view so that you do not forget any of these actions!

You’ll also want to pack enough clothes, food and water for three full days for each person in your family. Each person will require around a gallon of water per day. Only pack nonperishable food items! Snacks like protein bars, dried fruits, canned meats and juices, peanut butter, granola, and dry cereal are smart options that will provide energy in times of crisis.

Your safety should always come first. Remember to keep a first aid kit in your bag in case of injuries. You may also need a whistle to signal for help, local maps, flashlight and matches, a radio with extra batteries to listen for important news updates, a dust mask in case of contaminated air, Ziploc bags of all sizes, and a can opener for food.

Lastly, make sure to keep your fluffy friends safe! Purchase a float coat for your pets in the case of floods and keep extra blankets for them if there’s a chance of cold weather. Pack an extra supply of pet food and water as well as a small pet carrier or leash to keep track of your pets.

Natural disasters are not unlikely and it is important to prepare in case a disaster strikes your neighborhood. Make sure your home is insured so that you won’t face even more of a loss when your home is damaged or destroyed.

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