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What to do if your home is broken into

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to be enjoyed with family and friends; however burglary and theft rates are on the rise during these jolly times. Holiday shopping can put valuables in plain sight of criminals with shopping bags in cars, packages on door steps and presents under the Christmas tree. There are ways to keep your home safe from burglars and if your car is broken into, there are things that are covered.

Broken glass and missing presents

If all of your attempts to prevent a burglary have failed and you’ve been unlucky enough to experience a break in, what do you do next?

  • First, make sure everyone is safe and out of any clear and present danger

  • Next or simultaneously (depending on the situation) call the police

  • You may not want to enter the premises until police arrive for safety purposes

  • Have an official police report filed with what happened and what’s been stolen (as best as you can remember at that time)

  • Have any windows, doors or locks fixed or replaced as soon as possible to re-secure your home

  • Board up any broken windows until they can be replaced

  • Have all locks replaced if you suspect any keys or spare keys have been taken

  • Look for and identify any personal sensitive data that has been stolen such as passports, birth certificates, credit cards, etc. and report them stolen immediately to the respective organizations.

  • Identify anything that you believe has been stolen

  • Try to collect receipts, photographs, serial numbers or anything else that can be used as proof of ownership for your claim

  • Call your insurance agent to file a claim

  • You have time to call your agent, even if it’s been a few days, you’ll be fine.

  • Most policies allow up to 6 months to report additional stolen items if you notice something else is missing

What’s covered and how much?

Hopefully this is obvious but, you must carry homeowners or renters insurance to recoup any losses from a recent theft. Most policies will cover your belongings anywhere from 50-70% of your total dwelling limit. For example, if your total policy limit is $200,000 then coverage for personal belongings at 50% would be $100,000 and 70% would be $140,000.

Typically, all of your personal belongings such as clothing, electronics, furniture and such are covered. However, large items like a $7,000 Rolex watch or $20,000 painting won’t be covered unless they were appraised and itemized on your insurance policy beforehand.

Once you do get a payout for your stolen belongings, you’ll receive a check less the deductible ( usually $1,000) which is actually nice because you pay nothing out of pocket.

After the candy cane wreckage is over

Consider installing an alarm system, motion lights, and cameras to prevent future break-ins. Then try to enjoy the rest of your holidays and rest easy knowing you’re better protected.

If you have any questions about your coverage or would like to add any itemized items to your current policy, contact your agent.

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