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Aircraft Liability isn’t Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

hang gliders not covered by homeowners insurance

If you ever have an instance where liability coverage is needed because of some sort of aircraft related event, you’ll need to know what qualifies. Homeowners insurance can cover a lot of liabilities that happen outside of the home, but situations involving aircraft get complicated.

First we need to identify what qualifies as an aircraft in the insurance world:

-Jet packs -Backpack helicopters -Powered Hanglider/Hangliders -Powered Paraglider/Paragliders -Hot air balloons -Hovercrafts Accidents happen, so having the right insurance is key. If you harm yourself or someone else while paragliding for example or skydiving, it won’t be covered by your homeowners insurance. Most extreme sports and aerial activities require specialty insurance and often times it’s offered by the company you’re doing the activity with. For example, if you’re taking a hot air balloon ride on some vacation, be sure to buy the extra insurance they often offer.

If you own an airplane, be sure to get a specific insurance policy just for it. Such a policy will have all of the coverages you need for flight, unlike a homowners policy that doesn’t cover any aircraft.

What aerial instances are covered by homeowners insurance?

Any model or hobby aircraft are covered by homeowners insurance because they are not designed to carry people or cargo. There is no limit to the size of the model air craft either. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as drones are also covered.

If there is ever an instance where you crash one of these flying machines into a person or some property and damage it, your liability insurance will cover it. However, the commercial use of drones would not apply and would require separate coverage specific to commercial drones.

The bottom line: Anything officially declared as aircraft for humans and cargo transfer have no liability coverage from your homeowners insurance. Model/Hobby aircraft and drones are covered by your homeowners insurance for all liability cases not involving commercial work.

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*All home insurance policies are a little different and this may not be applicable to your home insurance policy, talk to your agent to see what your home policy covers.

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