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4 Reasons You Should Choose An Independent Agent

When purchasing insurance you have the option of picking between working with an independent insurance broker and a captive insurance agent. What’s the difference? Captive insurance agents represent a certain company and cannot sell products outside of their respective company, while independent agents/brokers work with several companies and can offer products from any of the companies they represent. Need more clarification? Here’s what makes an independent agent the right option:


1. More bang for your buck:

As you already known, independent agents have the ability to offer you products from any of the companies they represent. There’s no need for you to shop around and find the best rates, independent agents do that for you. Due to their knowledge of the market, independent agents will often find better values than you might find searching on your own. We shop, you save.


2. Unbiased advice:

Independent agents are very knowledgeable about a large number of insurance companies and what they offer. What is just as important is that independent agents work with the customers of these companies. This means that not only are independent agents knowledgeable about what the companies offer, they have also received tons of feedback from real customers

that gives them a good idea about what companies have the best track record in terms of customer satisfaction. This allows independent agents to give great advice based on both the policies a company offers as well as the experiences of other clients.


3. One-stop shop:

Independent agents offer a variety of different types of insurance, meaning that they are your one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs. This makes it easier to stay organized and saves you the time and effort of working with several different people. For example, we can quote you for both home and auto insurance to see where we can save you money.


4. Personal advocates:

Independent agents are your personal advocates any time you have questions or concerns related to your insurance. We work with the insurance company on your behalf so that you don’t have to. Independent agents are real people that you can trust have your best interests in mind.


Having an independent agent is an efficient, valuable decision that will always have your best interest at heart. If you need a quote, be sure to visit

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