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Melissa Stefanek

Melissa is a wife and mother of two awesomely wild little boys.  Since becoming a mother, Melissa has found her niche in insurance and works passionately to educate families about the importance of carrying proper life insurance to protect their children and spouses.  Melissa is originally from Michigan and has lived in the Valley since 2007.  She loves traveling with her husband and going on family adventures, often involving a backpack and tent.  Melissa loves to cook for her family and is passionate about everything related to nutrition, fitness and achieving optimal health and wellness.    

Jenifer Ireland

Jenifer is the friendly voice you will most likely hear when you call AZ Insurance Team.  She also just recently got her insurance license and is new to Arizona.  She is a North Dakota native who left the ‘frozen tundra’ a year ago with her husband, Sean, and two rescue cats, Baxter and Sherman.  Her daughter, Majenta, is also planning to move here to begin college next fall.  Arizona’s abundant sunshine and beautiful desert scenery are what Jenifer loves best, but she also likes to visit museums, attend concerts and sample delicious wine and craft beer from all over the state.  

Kendra coombs

Kendra is a 4th generation Arizonan, 3rd generation from Mesa. Having worked in customer service for well over a decade, Kendra joined our team as a Data Entry Specialist. She is married with two little girls. With her husband traveling for work a lot, she also has been able to explore the country with her family, and loves traveling to new places. Kendra also loves all animals and has a Bengal cat named Leo. When she isn’t being a mom, she loves to go to concerts, especially rock, and comedy shows.  

We are more than just insurance nerds

Zoey, the insurance dog

Zoey doesn't have an email address, she's a dog

Zoey is from Yuma Arizona and was dropped off at the local pound when she was about 10 months old.  She was put on the Giant Schnauzer Rescue website, Steven saw her, and fell in love with her.  Charlotte bought Zoey for Steven for Christmas, 2011 and she has been his shadow ever since then.  When Zoey isn't busy selling insurance, she enjoys car rides, going to her grandma's cabin and going on walks.  Zoey is a permanent fixture at AZ Insurance Team and you can find her there every day, curled up in her bed or begging for love and food.  Come see her!

Steven Martz

Steven is also 5th generation from Arizona and graduated from Mountain Pointe in Ahwatukee and ASU with a bachelors in Communication.  He is also an owner at AZ Insurance Team and has been in insurance for about 3 years.  When Steven is not being an awesome insurance agent he is riding his bike all over Tempe and hiking.  He recently hiked Mt Humphreys in Flagstaff and reached 10,000 feet.  He too is an animal lover and will talk your ear off about Zoey, the insurance dog.

Meet our team!

Charlotte burr

Charlotte is 5th generation from Arizona and 4th generation from Mesa.  She owned a "Shmarmers" agency (say it out loud and you'll know) for 2 years before starting AZ Insurance Team with Steven in 2012.  Charlotte has a deep appreciation for the environment and animals.  When she travels, and happens to be at a beach, you will catch her picking up trash to help beautify the scenery.  She has 2 rescue dogs and helps out with Arizona Basset Hound Rescue ( as often as she can.  Charlotte enjoys making ceramics (from scratch) and jewelry.  She's also one heck of a Disney nerd!

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