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Why should landlords require their tenants to get renters insurance?

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A huge mistake that landlords make is not requiring their tenants to get renters insurance in their lease.  Renters insurance covers so much more than just their clothes and furniture.  The most important reason you should require that tenants carry renters insurance is because of liability exposure.  If your tenant has a dog that bites someone, their renters insurance will payout (in most circumstances).  If they don’t carry renters insurance the person that was bit will come after you.  

If you have a tenant that causes thousands of dollars of damage, sells your appliances and skips town in the middle of the night, you’ll be happy you required that they have renters insurance.  You can call the insurance company and file a claim on their policy.

One thing to remember is to have them list you as an “additional insured” and have them give you a copy of the “binder” or “declarations pages”.  If you don’t see your name listed on the policy, demand that they call the agent and have them add it.  Having yourself listed as an additional insured means that if their policy cancels, you will get notification and you can address it with them.