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why do I need life insurance?

Life Insurance

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Life insurance is extremely important to ensure that your loved ones are protected financially in case of a tragedy.  Being insured means that in the event of an unexpected passing, your family will receive a lump sum to pay for any debt, mortgages, etc. you leave behind and gives them the opportunity to take time off work to grieve.  I hear stories all the time about bad car accidents and unfortunate insurance stories but the one that comes to my mind the quickest about why a person would need life insurance is the story I’m about to tell you.  

It’s the story about a man, let’s call him Michael.  Michael was 22 years old; driving in Mesa Arizona with his new bride, Melissa. As he approached a light that was turning yellow, he approached the intersection and a man in his 70’s turned left in front of him, causing a pretty serious collision. Michael had an injured back and his wife was ok but when he got out of his car and walked over to the car that hit him he saw blood on the driver’s and passenger’s windows and no one was moving….except for the toddler in the back seat.  The man that had turned in front of Michael had died, along with his daughter who was in the passenger seat.  His granddaughter in the backseat was the only one that had survived.

So this little girl had lost her mother and grandfather in one day, her father was now the sole provider for their family and now a single dad, with three children.  The little girl’s mother had no life insurance to provide for her family.  Within 9 months, they lost their house.  For as little as $15 per month she would have been able to leave her husband and children $100,000 to provide mortgage payments, car payments and give her husband time to take off work in order to grieve.  She did not choose to do so.  When an insurance agent offers you life insurance, it is not for their commissions or to just sell you something.  It is really for your family’s well being and their future.