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  • Paridhi Saboo

Tod the Toddler: Why should parents get life insurance

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

My name is Tod, and I am a three year old toddler.

While in my little blue stroller I would notice everything from slides in the park to my mom making her monthly life insurance payments. Little did I know where the monthly payments went until my mom died unexpectedly, and my dad received a non taxable death benefit pay out from the life insurance company.

After the unfortunate incident, my dad had to start paying for my child care with the money he

received from my mom’s life insurance policy purchased through AZ Insurance Team. Noticing all these things from my big baby blue eyes, I realized how selfless my mom was for paying her premium payments every month, because if it were not for the life insurance policy my dad, now being a sole provider in the family, would have never been able to afford to pay for day care, let alone for my schooling when I grow up. My father, who was overwhelmed by my mom’s death,

has been meaning to get life insurance on himself but due to his grief, it’s been hard for him. He knows the older that he gets the higher his monthly premium will be so needs to get it while he is still young.

If I start paying for my insurance from an early age, as a healthy Tod my premium payments would be far more inexpensive compared to the payments I would make to the insurance company when I start looking at the world from my big blue cataract eyes. For those of you who are younger than me think of life to be as big as the machines in my dad's factory, when they are brand new they would work without squeaking, be all shiny and efficient therefore, my dad would never have to pay extra money to keep it operating, but as time goes by just like humans, machines' eyes get rusty, they fail to function as efficiently with cataracts all over on their stainless steel resulting in my dad to spend more on them to keep them operational. I am going to go talk to my Dad about getting my life insurance right now, you should go do the same.

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