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Top Tips for Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Like a Pro

Updated: Jun 24

The first step you need to do before gathering up quotes from different insurance companies is recognizing your external factors that will affect your rate. Some examples of these external factors are:

  • The state you reside in.

  • Your cars' make, model, and year.

  • Your credit.

  • Your driving record.

These external factors can positively or negatively affect your rates and is something to keep in mind when shopping for auto insurance.

The second step is to establish what types of coverage you want from your insurance policy. Whether you want "full coverage" which typically includes liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehension, and collision or if you want even more coverage like roadside assistance and windshield coverage it is important to establish what coverages you want.

The third step is to gather quotes from different insurance companies that are offering the type of coverage you want. Another thing to keep in mind when comparing prospective insurance companies is the deductible you are choosing for each. If you want to be able to compare them with ease, it is best to stick to the same deductible with every company.

It is also helpful to remember that money is not everything and you want an insurance company that you can trust and that delivers on its promises. If shopping around for quotes seems like too much of a hassle, let AZ Insurance Team do it for you! give us a call today.

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Disclaimer: Coverage will vary on state, insurance company, and type of policy.


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